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   Emerald's Medical Marijuana Dispensary, located in Brookland, Arkansas has a very specific goal. Our mission is to educate and serve Arkansans, as it pertains to medical marijuana in Arkansas. We believe that patients should be informed as to what is entering their body, how it affects their individual body, and what they can expect from its use. While the specific information in a certain regard, can only be provided by your physician, several aspects of marijuana are universal. It is those specifics which we aim to educate Arkansans about. We also aim to serve this community by providing a private, clean, and secure environment through which we can serve our patients only the finest medical grade cannabis, based on their specific need determined by themselves and their doctor. We also aim to provide information about current legislation, proposed legislation, and legality. To provide Arkansans, with the knowledge needed to make the transition into this new era of medicine as efficiently and informed as possible. Marijuana most definitely has its place in medicine; and that place as far as we're concerned, will only continue to broaden as science demonstrates the wonder that is marijuana and its role in our health.



“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world."―Carl Sagan





~Emerald's Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Located in Brookland, Arkansas

Serving the Jonesboro area along with all of The Great State of Arkansas.

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    As Arkansas falls in line with other like minded peoples as well as local and state governments across the country, information is key. The transition into the distribution, taxation, procurement, and use of Medical Marijuana in Arkansas will be best done with all available information and resources at arms length.


    This is a great thing that is happening and we can grow The Natural State with Natural Medicine to make great changes that we may not even consider at this point in time. Emerald's medical Marijuana Dispensary wants to make sure all patient patrons are well informed when it comes to medical marijuana in Arkansas. This includes the many questions that are asked, concerning things like; "How much medical marijuana can I carry with me in Arkansas?", "How much medical marijuana can I purchase in a day/week/month", "How to obtain a Medical Marijuana Recommendation Card?", Where do I start when getting medical marijuana in Arkansas?" "What does the law say about medical marijuana in Arkansas." These questions and many more can be found here. Emerald's medical Marijuana Dispensary is here to inform you at every step along the way.


    Medical marijuana in Arkansas is now in sight, but it has many things trying to work against it. Emerald's wants to make sure your voice is heard. The latest legislature presentations and how to contact those who have influence over them can all be found here as well. Strains, types, terminology, and general marijuana knowledge is also here! From start to finish, Emerald's medical Marijuana Dispensary has all the information you will need to make the process as painless, legal, and effortless as possible. We know the issue, it is near and dear to us for many reasons. It is a cause worth fighting and informing for. Thank you, for letting us inform, serve, and tend to you, Arkansas!

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